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Wo Fat's escape was ROFL-worthy.  I kept hearing the James Bond theme in my head.  And if Delano orchestrated that nonsense, he needed to get dead simply for violating so many of the Evil Overlord rules.
Sorry, but seeing the whole episode didn't make me like Doris McGarrett any more than just viewing the promo clip.  Yeah, Danny did get the first shot off in the cargument, but like somebody said in one of the other review postings I've read, Doris' response was completely disproportionate.  And poking at the Lt.-with-Benefits didn't help, either.  If she was trying to make everybody hate her so they wouldn't be upset when she ran off again really quickly -- which I think is what she was after -- she did well. If she was having pissing contests with everyone in Steve's life to establish that she should come first in his estimation, she blew it big-time.

Oh, to anybody who enjoys the fact that Danny kept looking at Steve every time Doris made a personal, relationship-based remark during that cargument: Danny was just hoping that Steve would pay attention and tell his mom where to get off.  As much as I ship Steve and Danny, there was no there there.

There's a lot of speculation that Doris is Wo Fat's mom.  I don't see it.  I think rather that he's an "agency" asset and she'd been in charge of orchestrating his rise to the head of the Hawai'ian Yakuza and keeping him in power, perhaps because her "agency" saw him as the least / most containable of evils.  Did Wo Fat help her fake her own death?  I'm assuming yes, b/c her own husband thought she'd been car-bombed.  Otherwise, why the fuck would somebody hiding from a Yakuza head (even one in the U.S.) hide in fucking Japan?  Why did she let Steve bring her back to Oahu?  Because he'd said Wo Fat was about to be transferred to a SuperMax prison on the mainland, which would leave a hella power vacuum.  It might even be possible that Doris / Joe rigged up the escape -- it certainly seems like a plan devised by some "agency" nutter, rather than Delano, a dirty ex-cop.  Hell, Wo Fat may be deep undercover "agency" operative for all I know.
Speaking of Cath: somebody really needs to get her the manual on safe-house babysitting.  Just sayin'.  Heaven knows procedural TV isn't the best place to learn the rules, but damn, even I know she shoulda been in the damn room with Doris rather than wandering around outside with the doors open, especially the second time.  *shakes head*
Steve: he shoulda maybe been angrier, he shoulda maybe been completely rejecting -- but I'm just glad he did get as nasty as he did at Doris rather than going all lost-little-boy.  I think it's quite possible that Wo Fat's "storming" of the safe-house was simply because Doris didn't feel Steve was buying the "mom in extreme danger sacrificing for her family's safety" schtick and she felt the need to up the ante.  It worked, alas.

And I'm damned glad Steve didn't take Doris back to his house.


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