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My baby brother just got his electricity e-bill.


Jun. 14th, 2012 10:24 pm
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Fireflies!  Yes, I was out in my back yard chasing them at dusk.
Peaches!  The local ones are in, and soooo juicy.
Sweet corn!  Our favorite truck farm says they'll be picking in another week or so.  The early heat was bad for the cabbage and other cool-weather crops, but means the corn ripened early.

I'm back

Sep. 9th, 2006 12:16 pm
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Gone from here so long. Busy life. A little bit of travel. More soon, but not to the places I'd like to go. Not down South.

The spring is gone and the summer too, although not officially... The worst of the hot weather is gone, and also the available activities that happen only in summer -- water parks, theme parks open during the week, night activities at the zoo, etc.

It seems odd that we ride the northern-most line between what is agriculturally considered the South and what is not, but we consider anything less than 90 F as "not that hot." I have lived places where it never gets hot (well, 75 F is considered a heat wave) and where it never gets really cold (30 F is considered disastrous) and let me tell you, I prefer the latter. Not so family members... There has been much wailing that the last several winters have brought no snow that lasts more than 24 hours on the ground. This closet Southerner secretly rejoices.

Fall weather approaches and I enjoy it and the activities it brings, although not what it foretells. We live along the river and this one was hailed by German immigrants as the New World Rhine, so wineries we have in abundance. Before Prohibition, Missouri and New York were the wine-producing states in the U.S., or so the travel brochures are always fond of reminding us. So if you have a fondness for things German, come travel out our way or down south of the metro area. There are two "Winestrasse" for you to choose from. The leaves turning, and breaking out the warmer clothes, and German-ish celebrations, and Halloween, and football, and Homecoming, and etc. -- fall is good. Alas, that it must lead to winter...

So, I think I'll start commenting in the LJ community, although I've only lurked before. Teh crap with the Katrina anniversary has me upset enough to be vocal.


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